Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Mom

My mom passed away April 15th 2011 I miss her so very much and I wish she could have stayed with us longer. Mom may not have had a great education, as a matter of fact she had little education at all, but when it came to being smart and witty, mom could have won an Academy Award for her act. She stood 4' 10" tall but she was as tall as any giant in my eyes. Never did anyone come through mom's door that she wasn't trying to feed them even if she had little to share. I know plenty of times she did without just so us kids could have more. Her heart was as big as she was, always wearing a smile for everyone, and did all she could to help anyone in need. I loved my mom with all my heart and I can honestly say I know she too loved me. As far back as I can remember mom was always there for me, she was my hero. I am very proud to say I never disrespected my mother, sure there were times I didn't agree with her but I walked away without letting her know. She taught me so very much in her lifetime, one thing that will always stick with me is: "money can replace material things that are taken from you, but money can not buy you respect and love." I spent her last night on earth with her but if only I could go back I would have spent more time with her. I love you mom and I know you're in heaven. I hope to see you again someday, until then I know you're waiting with daddy and the angels.